5 of 5 Professional Drivers Get Focus II

* Milwaukee Pastor: Matt Trewhella, after showing the BEL DVD Focus on the Strategy to his congregation, told them (and KGOV) that "Bob Enyart's Focus on the Strategy is the most important message for the Christian community in a century." We are honored to have this encouragement form Pastor Trewhella, and we pray that God continues to bless him and his ministry!

* Soft-tissue T-Rex: See the extraordinary photos of the soft tissue within a T-rex dinosaur either at our KGOVArchives.com site, or at MSNBC & Newsweek's site. So make sure to see the startling photographs from the Tyrannosaurus Rex soft tissue find by Montana State University. Wow. So add this to the list of blatant proofs against evolutionist million-year-old dates! Also, you can enjoy Walt Brown's twenty questions to evolutionists [click here, and then page down]. 

* Professional Denver Driver Vic: offered to give a Focus on the Strategy II DVD to each of five other drivers if they call in and ask for one, and promise to watch it and pass it on to other Christians. The drivers who took Vic up on his offer are:
Driver 1: Kevin L.
Driver 2: Ray G.
Driver 3: Mark S.
Driver 4: Rodney H.
Driver 5: Wes C.
Thank you Vic for your love of the Lord, and for a great idea to multiply your own influence to reach others with the truth of God's Word!

* Hear the Real Jurassic Park Scientist: listen to Bob Enyart's recording of his fascinating phone call with the curator of Montana State University's Museum of the Rockies. Author Michael Crichton loosely modeled his mad scientist character, John Hammond (played by Richard Attenborough), after real-life curator Jack Horner, and Steven Spielberg had Horner on set as a technical advisor during the filming of all three Jurassic Park blockbuster movies. Bob offers Jack Horner a grant of $23,000 to perform a Carbon 14 test of the soft-tissue T-rex they discovered. Here's the follow-up letter Bob mentions in the call:

Jack Horner, Curator
Museum of the Rockies, MSU
600 West Kagy Blvd
Bozeman MT 59717

October 13, 2006

Dear Mr. Horner,

Thanks for speaking with me by phone today.  To remind you, I have hosted a Denver talk radio show for the last 15 years and I represent a group interested in science that would like to give a $20,000 grant to the museum for a test of the Tyrannosaurus rex you found, the one with the soft-tissue discovered in 2005 by Schweitzer.

Our grant would be for submission and results analysis of a blind Carbon 14 accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) test, with one tiny sample of that T-rex reduced to carbon powder, presented to a lab in a vial, along with four additional similarly-prepared samples of other specimens.  We realize such fossils are never Carbon 14 dated.  However, scientists never look for soft tissue (whatever it may be) within such a fossil, and science often proceeds by dotting every 'I', and crossing every 't,' and the results should return infinite age (no measurable C14) which will provide additional data to consider.  And also, the museum will have the opportunity to test four other specimens that you may have been wanting to Carbon 14 date.

Our grant would cover:
$20,000 for test submission and results analysis
  $3,000 for lab fees (AMS on five samples, one of which is from the T-rex)
$23,000 Total Grant payable to the Museum of the Rockies

As we discussed, I will call you back the week of October 23rd, or you can call me at 303 881-0376 or write to the address below to let me know if you would like to proceed.

Bob Enyart

By the way, there was a follow-up phone call, and to date, Jack Horner is refusing the grant offer, and to perform the C14 test, which is too bad, since the soft tissue in that T-rex femur bone might have been reasonably protected from groundwater contamination.

Today's Resource: New Release: An excerpted version of the two-hour Forty Years in the Wilderness DVD, now called Focus on the Strategy II, is the 50-minute sequel to Bob Enyart's blockbuster analysis of the immoral and failed strategy of National Right to Life. Focus on the Strategy II is just the right length to watch in a Sunday School class, or with friends at a video party at home (yours or theirs)! To order FotS II please call 800-8Enyart, one DVD is $15, three for $20, and 20 copies for only $100!