Southern Baptist Slide

* Another Republican Judge: Forces the homosexual agenda on Christian kids, as U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf ordering that public schools have an obligation to teach children (including the Christian kids in the lawsuit) to accept and endorse homosexuality, and that this would be "undermine[d]" if he upheld "the rights of religious freedom and parental control over the upbringing of children." You have heard of this destructive ruling from other Christian and conservative talk shows. But only here at BEL do you learn that this Wolf in judicial clothes was a Special Assistant in the office of a Republican Attorney General, and later nominated to the federal judiciary by a Republican president.

* Robbie from Little Rock AK: Bill Clinton is coming to lecture at the Southern Baptist University here, and to speak during the inauguration of their new school president, and as a Southern Baptist himself, that is so discouraging to Robbie to see the moral slide of a denomination that becomes increasingly humanist and liberal. Bob warned that at Southern Baptist conventions, they actually vote on issues from God's law, like murder (abortion), sexual immorality (homosexuality), etc., and on Judgment Day, God will point out to them they had no authority, and no business, voting on His law, and further, that practice sends a humanist message to their members and the culture, that morality is based upon the democratic process of majority rule.

* Wally from Delphi IN: Al Gore claims that global warming is a matter of morality, yet he promotes homosexuality and abortion, indicating his hypocrisy. Bob added that much of Antarctica is getting colder and its ice is getting thicker, and Greeenland's rapid melt of a few years ago (4/10s of 1 percent per century) has slowed down dramatically because climate is cyclical.

* Pete Fiske from Mississippi's Gulf Coast: heard a panel this weekend at the New Orleans [Southern] Baptist Theological Seminary including atheist Daniel Dennett, and he complained that not a single speaker at this high-profile event represented the biblical creation worldview. The closest was Alister McGraw, a theistic evolutionist, but no one defended young-earth creation as revealed in Genesis.

Today's TWO Resource: For help convincing yourself (or someone else) to pull the kids out of public school you can 1) read The Harsh Truth About Public Schools by BEL friend Bruce Shortt or 2) subscribe to the BEL TV Classics.