Curator of the Nicola Tesla Museum on RSR

 * Curator of the Nicola Tesla Museum: Mike McFee joins Bob Enyart, host of Real Science Radio, to invite people to come to see Focus on the Strategy II Thursday April 12 at 7 p.m. at Fellowship of the Rockies, 1625 S. 8th St. in Colorado Springs! Come to hear Bob speak and also to meet Mike McFee. Registration for Focus on the Strategy II is $30, $50 for a couple!

 * Try Googling: theology, and then look for on the first page! And Google: Real Science Radio, and find four of Bob's shows with Fred Williams on the first page! And Google: Open Theism Debate, and find our BEL theology debates mentioned on four of the websites listed on the first page!

 * April 21st Founder's Dinner: BEL friend and president of, Steve Curtis, invites you to attend their Founders' Dinner on April 21st in Colorado to hear Mona Charen and to join Bob Enyart as we honor pro-life leaders Ken and Jo Scott! If you can be in the Denver area this night, please join us! To register, call BEL at 1-800-8Enyart!

 * April 25th in the Capitol 1:30 pm: Marking the 40th anniversary of Colorado passing the nation's first pro-abortion law (which has since become the model for most "pro-life" legislation, i.e., abortion for the "hard cases"), Colorado Right to Life will hold an historic event in the old Supreme Court chambers room. The keynote speaker will be Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and candidate for the Republican nomination for President. Other speakers include Operation Save America's director, Flip Benham, Brian Rohrbough, Judie Brown, and Bob Enyart.

 * April 25th at Maggiano's 7:00 pm: CRTL invites you to a $100-a-plate fundraiser with Alan Keyes, et. al., at Maggiano's Little Italy downtown Denver! Judie Brown will speak! Make your reservations by calling CRTL at 303-753-9394.

Today's Resource: Join Bob and his friends as they tour Turkey. The Bible stories come to life as you see the actual locations of the extraordinary events in Scripture. See archeological discoveries that confirm historical accounts in God's written word. If we can find evidence that the story of the Bible is true, perhaps then, the moral of the story may be true also! This Bible Tour of Turkey presentation is packed with exciting details that you won't want to miss!