Mom from Bush's PBA Signing now on BEL

* Lori Vance was with President Bush: in Washington D.C. in the Fall of 2003 when he signed the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act which, according to Dr. James Dobson, "did not save a single human life."

* Rescue Movement: In August 2021 we realized that KGOV doesn't have an account, not even a brief one, of the rescue movement in which about 60,000 people were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience to save unborn children from being dismembered by abortionists. Bob Enyart was the second director of Operation Rescue Colorado. If anyone is aware of a history of the rescue movement that we might be able to draw from to personalize it for BEL, please send a link of that to Thanks!

UPDATE: See the American RTL Summary of the PBA Fiasco!
SECOND UPDATE: Bob Enyart Live has an audio recording of Lori Vance admitting that even her own mother wrongly believed that the PBA ban would end all late-term abortion. Watch Focus of the Strategy II online for documentation showing that this misunderstanding was the result of years of misrepresentation and unethical fundraising by major pro-life organizations.

* Mrs. Vance was in Washington D.C.: with President Bush when he signed the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act, after spending years fighting for passage of the bill since her daughter Donna Joy had some medical conditions that the pro-abortion lobby used as excuses for why unborn children should be killed via PBA. Lori contacted BEL to register her unhappiness with our criticism of the immoral PBA ban. We are thankful for Lori's fight against child-killing and we encourage our listeners to pray for her and her daughter. But the ruling that Lori supports further undermines the personhood and God-given right to life of the child in many ways, including that it actually permits partial-birth abortion! The ban and recent ruling make clear that the abortionist can deliver the baby all the way up to the bellybutton and then kill it (for those who won't read the ruling itself, or our Open Letter to Dr. Dobson, at least check out the Cliff Notes version of the ban at Wikipedia and search for "navel"). Any ruling that effectively ends with, and then you can kill the baby is a corrupt ruling that violates God's enduring command, Do not murder, and should be opposed.

* The Washington Post: religion writer Alan Cooperman for the Post interviewed Bob Enyart today after the Washington Times published our Open Letter yesterday, and after reading our latest press release.

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Post Show Note

Reply to Matthew 18 Criticism against Signers: Some pro-lifers complain that the signers of the Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson (May 23, 2007, Colo Spgs Gazette, May 30, Washington Times) did not meet their Christian obligation from Matthew 18 because we did not attempt to reach him personally; or that we did not give Dr. Dobson sufficient time to respond prior to publication of our letter. Dr. Dobson runs a $150 million dollar enterprise, and has worldwide celebrity status, and as such (understandably), few Christian leaders can pick up the phone and talk to him. And if Dr. Dobson or any leader makes public statements that are untrue, there is no biblical requirement that a correction must first be private. But regardless, the signers have published their open letter only after an intensive two-year effort to reach Dr. Dobson personally with a warning about the partial-birth abortion travesty.

On June 29, 2005, we sent four men to Focus on the Family headquarters and they presented a lengthy warning in-person, meeting with James Dobson's V.P. of Public Policy Tom Minnery and with Dr. Dobson's judicial analysts. One result of this meeting was another meeting with a Focus staff lawyer, James Odom at the private club called the El Paso Club, which meeting he characterized as private, but during which we urgently addressed our concerns regarding his employer. Another result was a personal letter written by Tom Minnery to us, suggesting that perhaps he would invite our group back to Focus to present our concerns to at another gathering of staff. Also, a far less confrontational open letter to Dr. Dobson was published almost exactly two years prior to the second letter, warning Focus that "today's abortionists simply use a different method on late-term babies" other than PBA, and that a PBA ban will "not cancel a single abortion as a result." Also, on May 15, 2007 we sent three Federal Express letters to Focus on the Family, one to president Jim Daly, another to Focus Institute president Del Tackett, and the third to Dr. Dobson, offering them a chance to discuss the matter with us prior to publication. The cover letters stated, "We plan to run the enclosed Open Letter as a full page ad in a Colorado newspaper and a condensed version in a national Christian magazine, signed by pro-life ministries including American Life League, Operation Save America / Operation Rescue, Denver Bible Church, and Colorado Right To Life. If you would like to discuss this with us before publication, please call Bob Enyart of DBC or Brian Rohrbough of CRTL." Focus never called. They didn't call CRTL. They didn't even call one of the signers, longtime stalwart of the pro-life movement, Judie Brown, at American Life League.

Any reader of the open letter can see our prior efforts to reach Dr. Dobson, and the letter even quotes from his own personal correspondence addressing our concerns, showing that we have in fact already reached him personally. Dr. Dobson wrote personally, probably because the letter he was replying to was mailed to his home address. On Focus on the Family letterhead, and including a hand-written note (shown in our Forty Years DVD), on Feb. 24, 2006 Dr. Dobson responded to " questions" by actually defending decisions of judges who rule to kill the innocent, as long as they are following precedent. That any Christian leader would embrace such moral relativism and legal positivism is grievous; that James Dobson has done so is devastating. If this tragic development does not distress any particular Christian, then no defense of the form of our criticism will matter. In 2000, federal judge Samuel Alito voted to keep PBA legal in New Jersey. Dr. Dobson (along with Family Research Council's Gary Bauer, etc., see the Forty Years DVD) commended him for that ruling because Alito was merely following "the long-established principle" of "precedent." But there is an older legal precedent which the pro-life industry has relegated to a second-tier authority, Thou shall not murder. Over the years the pro-life movement has slid to where it now advocates the legal theory of the defendants at Nuremberg: that following precedent justifies rulings to murder the innocent. Please stop and consider this last statement. In just over a half-century, America's morality has fallen to where now our Christian pro-life leadership advocates the corrupt humanist legal theory put forth by the German defendants after World War II. This is indisputably true. Do you think this has no dire consequence? Dr. Dobson has allowed lawyers to rob the moral strength of the pro-life movement. The result is a worldview travesty that cannot provide the moral, philosophical, or legal foundation necessary for upholding the God-given right to life. Very few Christians have even noticed the slide, let alone care about this ethical decline. Dr. Dobson's tragic defense of judges who voted to keep partial-birth abortion legal is only the most public indication of a thousand instances that show the pro-life movement has adopted moral relativism and legal positivism, which principles inherently spell continued death for the unborn.

In the tradition of Paul’s Epistles, which are open letters, some of which publicly rebuke individual believers, even by name, and even including renowned leaders like Barnabas and Peter (Galatians 2), we have written our open letter in hopes of restoring our brother. Please pray for us, and for Dr. Dobson.