Washington Post FRC Quote Is GOLD!

* Family Research Council: exec admits that some of their own workers believe that the Supreme Court's partial-birth abortion ruling may have the result that, "practically, there may not be even one fewer abortion in the country..." Wow. Today's Washington Post article quotes this FRC exec as follows: "Chuck Donovan, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, a Washington advocacy group allied with Dobson, said... ‘there are certainly a fair number of people, including in our own building, who think the [Supreme Court] decision's practical importance has been overrated -- that, practically, there may not be even one fewer abortion in the country as a result.'" Wow. That's honesty, and an admission that more who first celebrated the wicked, pro-abortion Gonzales v. Carhart ruling are beginning to make.
* Also Quoted: "Brian Rohrbough, president of Colorado Right to Life and a signer of the ads, disagreed. ‘All you have to do is read the ruling, and you will find that this will never save a single child, because even though the justices say this one technique is mostly banned -- not completely banned -- there are lots of other techniques, and they even encourage abortionists to find less shocking means to kill late-term babies,' he said... In Rohrbough's view, partisan politics is also involved. 'What happened in the abortion world is that groups like National Right to Life, they're really a wing of the Republican Party, and they're not geared to push for personhood for an unborn child -- they're geared to getting Republicans elected,' he said. 'So we're seeing these ridiculous laws like the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban put forward, and then we're deceived about what they really do.'"
* And: "Another signer, the Rev. Bob Enyart, a Christian talk radio host and pastor of the Denver Bible Church, said the real issue is fundraising. 'Over the past seven years, the partial-birth abortion ban as a fundraising technique has brought in over a quarter of a billion dollars' for major antiabortion groups [the reporter got the quote wrong, but it's close enough], 'but the ban has no authority to prevent a single abortion, and pro-life donors were never told that,' he said. ‘That's why we call it the pro-life industry.'"

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