President of Baptist Seminary Endorses Focus II

* Four Callers into BEL: from Chicago, Little Rock, Denver, and Wheat Ridge Colorado discuss and debate Bob.

* Paige Patterson, President of Baptist Seminary
: On letterhead from the Office of the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, Paige Patterson wrote on September 12, 2007:

"Thank you more than I can tell you for the DVD 'Focus on the Strategy II.' I will certainly make this DVD available to our students in the library." -Paige Patterson

* Endorsement from Michelle from Indiana: "I cannot express in words my thoughts regarding the DVD you gave to us regarding '40 Years in the Wilderness/Focus on the Strategy II .' To say it is powerful does not do it justice!"

Today's Resource: Watch our beloved DVD, Get out of the Matrix! Bob takes on a college professor and her philosophy class in a debate regarding God and absolutes. Who wins? The students have been taught that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, so Bob asks them if that is absolutely right. And they've been taught that they can only know that which their five senses have told them, so Bob asks them which of their five senses told them that. Is the lack of intellectualism in this college class representative of American higher education? You can decide as you view this video, one of Bob's most extraordinary presentations!