Missionaries to America? Hear Kenya's Bishop William Wachira on BEL

Eighty miles outside of Nairobi, in Karatina Kenya, a Christian leader Bishop William Wachira heads up the 22 churches and other outreaches of VictorsChapel.org. Bishop Wachira is here in America and speaking on Bob Enyart Live because America, and even our churches themselves, have become a mission field. With English and Swahili the most popular languages in Kenya, American Christians can easily help reach Kenyans and Kenyan Christians can easily help reach Americans. (To share the Gospel with someone who only speaks Swahili, or any of more than 1,000 other languages, please see the language links at kgov.com/gospel.) Bishop Wachira and Bob discuss Kenya's Body of Christ rising up against the flood of abortion and other immorality that in America is drowning the church. The two Christian men also discuss fundamental doctrines of the faith such as the triune God, the virgin birth, and Christ's crucifixion and bodily resurrection! Then when Wachira describes the fledgling nature of his country's creation movement, Bob offers to work with the Bishop to encourage Christian doctors, engineers, and scientists in Kenya who can begin teaching Genesis using the laws of nature that God created and the scientific discoveries that corroborate Jesus' account of the global flood and the special creation of mankind! Finally, Bob hints at a biblical explanation (at kgov.com/ya) for the "ya" at the end of the country's name, Kenya!

Bishop Wachira's texts to Bob Enyart