Scouting, Spanking & War

* Madness Theory: Listen to Bob and co-host Doug McBurney as they flay the stupidity of actress Mayim Bialik, who selfishly doesn’t properly spank her children, and foolishly encourages others to do the same.


* Girls vs Boys: As the Girl Scouts prepare to go to law against the Boy Scouts over the supposed breakdown of “core gender distinction”, your hosts warn the girls that they always lose when the God given order of the two sexes is overturned.


* Hate and Rockets: The age-old family dispute between the children of Abraham erupted with rockets from Gaza into Israel today. Find out Bob’s solution to the question of peace in the Middle East.


* Princesston: Bob revisits the insanity of an Ivy League School banning the use of the word “man” (but allowing for “human being” and “person”).