Starry Who’s-a-Whatsis

* Bible Thumping: How does one determine which version of the bible is best when contemplating “Bible Thumping” a rapper. Take the Survey HERE!!

* On Defending the Innocent: Bob appeared last week on TV defending Nico Watts’ existence and right to life, and today he previews his upcoming interview with Fox regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s denial of the God Given Right to Life of all innocent people.

* Litmus Test: Bob reminds co-host Doug McBurney that the RE-publicans have always insisted they have no litmus test regarding child killing when selecting a Supreme Court nominee, but Doug points out that maybe there is...

* An Audience He Deserves: We are hoping that the rightly besieged defender of homosexuality and pedophilia Pope Francis (of a sissy) gets an audience with Bob Enyart when Denver Bible Church tours Rome on a Bible Tour of Italy.