(Boy) Scouts of America Now Providing Condoms for Campout

Bob and Cheryl Enyart pulled their sons out of BSA when the group first began promoting homosexuality. Because their local troop was run by such strong Christians, these parents didn't do this to protect their own sons. They removed their kids from the scouts to avoid giving to other families, locally and around the nation, a false sense of security that could end up destroying kids that Bob and Cheryl may never meet. So now, as BEL predicted, BSA went from accepting homosexuality among the scouts themselves, to accepting homosexuality among scout leaders, to accepting girls who pretend they are boys, and boys who pretend they are girls, etc. So of course now beginning with July's 24th World Jamboree in West Virginia, the organization will be making condoms available to the scouts. Of course. In other insanity, a public school taught students to write a prayer to Allah; a pro-homosexual Silicon Valley "pastor" can't even talk to the media without being kgov.com/filthy; and Pat Buchanan asks of the pro-homosexual Franics, Is the Pope Catholic?