Democracy, Sex Assault in School, & the Boy from Heaven

* Against Democracy (i.e., Representative Republics): Bob Enyart discusses how democracy corrupts the nation’s moral foundation (and the foundation of the Church) as our leaders defend their politician and their party, almost regardless of what "their guy" does. And remember, a "representative republic" is just a euphemism for democracy. See more at

* Reasons #1177 through 1207: 31 unreported sexual assaults, and from the premiere public school and the premier school district in the state, no less. Is that enough reason to save your child? But wait. It's worse than that. Wait until you hear the defense from the Cherry Creek School District!

* The Boy Who Never Went To Nor Returned From Heaven: While this innocent kid never died and went to heaven and returned, publisher Tyndale House is not so innocent, and neither was the boy's father.