Rewriting Human History Again? Say It Isn't So!

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams update their "Brain Dead Means Not Dead" list with yet another example, this one from 2018 showing that sometimes, "dead dead doesn't even mean dead." Then they share Danika Worthington's piece at the Denver Post quoting Bob Enyart about Colorado Right To Life renaming their annual "March for Life" to the "March for Abolition". If you're in Denver please join us 10 a.m. tomorrow morning Jan. 20th at Planned Parenthood at 38th & Pontiac to hear keynote speaker and abolitionist Jonathan Sutherland! (Afterward, hearty souls can join Bob and head to the west steps of the capitol where we have a permit to gather. Pray for us to endure the hazardous duty there. How so? Well, imagine talking to a tolerant person. Then imagine speaking with folks from the Women's March and you'll get the idea.) The guys also discuss the Nature paper that's forcing evolutionists AGAIN to rewrite human history. RSR has been reporting on the process described at Discover two teeth; rewrite human history. Publish mummy DNA; rewrite human history. Discover a footprint; rewrite human history. Discover a skull; rewrite human history. Now, sequence an Alaskan baby's genome: rewrite human history. Rewrite, that is, the fabricated tumultuous secular origins story, whereas the growing mountain of worldwide evidence increasingly corroborates Genesis' account of humanity's dispersion.

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