Something Other Than Brett Kavanaugh

* October, 2017, 2018, 2019: Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney wonders aloud how it is a terrorist can massacre 8 people in front of God and everybody in October of 2017, not yet be on trial in October 2018, and have his plea of “not guilty” be entertained until his trial in October 2019! The Just-a-System on display at its most ridiculous! (But God’s Justice will not fail).

* Bizarro Serenity Prayer? Nancy Pelosi has been praying to her father the devil for divine intervention to prevent Donald Trump's nominee from securing a position on America’s Supreme Court alongside some history’s most prolific liars, thieves and murderers. And your host just has to ask to whom the subtle alcoholic references in her "prayer" apply…

* Targeted Therapy and the Nobel Prize: Your host reveals that it was Real Science Radio that first introduced him to the science of targeted antibodies and immuno-therapy in the fight against cancer. And now this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded to two pioneers in this promising scientific endeavor to decode the programming of God’s amazing immune system.

* Real Science Radio Proven Right Again: This time it’s the tragic earthquake in Indonesia, (in which tsunami warnings were inadequate and citizens were given no warning of the quake itself). The quake further establishes that the earth is young, and broken, and unstable to the point of terror. Today your host reinforces RSR’s call for a determined effort to learn how to predict and warn people about impending earthquakes!