Art, you owe Connie a hundred bucks.

* Program Note: On July 18th, one of our RSR challenges was posed over in Germany as a question to a NASA astrobiologist by the news editor of Science. 

RSR question submitted to NASA's astriobiologist during 7/17/18 AAAS conference
2/17/18: RSR question asked of NASA during this AAAS event in Germany

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* Today's BEL Show Summary: Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney read a wager made between the late Al Sharin, BEL's office manager affectionately known as Pops, and a guy named Art. The longtime family friend bet Pops in 2013 that the rapture of the church would occur within three years. Signed by both men and witnessed and signed by their wives, the bet says, "Al & Art bet $100 on the rapture before Nov. 16, 2016. Art yes, Al no. Payable to our survivors." And as it turns out, Al, Bob's stepdad, has passed away. So now, Art owes Connie, Bob's mom, $100. The guys also discuss the rare find of a famous couple who actually got married and then pregnant. Then Bob and Doug share their dilemma over how to help a horder single mom, about to be evicted again, whom Bob fears may even lose her beautiful young son to her obsession with collecting material possessions in a hopeless effort to be fulfilled when only Jesus Christ can meet her need. Then the guys discuss Bob's offer to help the Duterte, the Philippine's president, with his promise to resign if someone show's him proof of God's existence. (See that at