Miscarriage of Justice

* Political Reform: Listen to Bob and co-host Doug McBurney reminisce about that time they cheered president Trump for suggesting the Death Penalty for mass murderers and drug dealers, only to read today he’s letting them go instead…


* Cheating and Murder: Bob makes the connection between sexual immorality and murder with this week’s particularly outrageous sentence of “Life” for Chris Watts, who murdered his wife and daughters after cheating on them.


* Just-a-System: When the most heinous crimes ever committed are adjudicated in the modern Just-a-System, crime is no longer restrained, but now is multiplied.


* 360 Degrees: Get a load of Bob’s alternative to watching the hapless Denver Broncos: researching the origin of ancient weights and measures, (and discover yet more evidence for the pre-flood 360 day year).