The Appropriate Use of Reality

* A Good Start: What do you call a Palestinian Bomber who blows himself up at the Gaza Police Headquarters? And here’s a list of some more, just in case you need some extra encouraging news this week)!

* Defunding Delusion: Bob  and co-host Doug McBurney credit Donald Trump for challenging the evil Palestinian fantasy:  that Israel does not exist, and for defunding the Palestinian Concentration Camps!

* Policing a War Zone: Here's how to judge police who operate in a veritable war zone, and how the Just-a-System is failing on every front of that war.

* Why Do You Think They Call it Dope: Bob questions how Elon Musk can tell people not to smoke pot, while smoking pot, and still be considered anything but a fool, a very rich fool who's figured out how to get a couple billion dollars from taxpayers.