Tom Healey on Why Supernatural Physical Healing Doesn't Happen

Bob Enyart interviews longtime BEL friend and former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Tom Healey who's oncologist estimated that Tom has two months left to live on this Earth. Through his career, Tom would listen in to the Russians, was stationed in Vietnam, in Tripoli, at the Pentagon, and protected America's nuclear weapons. Now a retired Texas rancher living with his wife Madelyn, as he and Bob discussed on air last week at, Tom has focused on, and especially But on today's program, the topic is and why the Bible teaches that miracles tend to produce unbelief and that the infirmed people we meet in the Gospels all get healed whereas the sick people we meet in the epistles, including Timothy, Trophimus, and the Apostle Paul, do not.

Distribution of Miracles (per section in the Bible)

Bob Enyart's Bible study explaining why miracles tend to produce unbelief and why Paul, Trophimus, Timothy, etc., were never healed...

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