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Men in Women's Sports Poster: calling all mediocre menSimple questions silence homosexual advocates.
- Why don't they allow a male coach into the girls' locker room?
- What does a transexual do on a sinking ship when the captain yells, Women and children to the lifeboats?
- Would a woman actually scoop pop into her purse to clean up a mess (which is what a transvestite did in a Denver FM music radio studio when debating Bob Enyart), or is that something that a man would do?

- Are you born a homosexual but gender is a choice?

There's also a simple question that church leaders from around 1990 to 2010 could hardly answer. But today in America, they pretty much answer quickly. And wrongly. Should homosexual behavior be legal or not? Today, they answer, Yes! They thus legitimize homosexuality. (Legitimize means to declare legally valid.)

But there's a question that most church leaders could have answered decades ago, that silences them today. 
- Regarding the legal status of homosexuality, do you agree with Moses, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian legal history?

Just as homosexuals are silenced by many simple questions, that question, about Moses, Jesus, and Paul, silences church leaders. Here's another question they don't like to answer:
- Regarding the legal status of homosexuality, do you agree with Hillary, Harvey [update: he was in the news when this program aired] humanists, and the homosexuals themselves?

Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson, and today's Christian leaders have advocated "equal rights for homosexuals". And they are silenced by simple questions:
- Should homosexuals be allowed to continue to write the curriculum for kids? Be scoutmasters on camping trips? Adopt children? [oops; they're starting to cave on that one] Coach boys wrestling? Etc?

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