Brian Enyart Live now for RSR

April 15th Update: Now there's 7! So we only need 9 more! Wow! Thanks to six listeners, we're getting so much closer to the 17 that we're praying for to meet our goal. Brian Enyart took over the studio on Monday. So today, for our science listeners, which is a larger audience, Bob agreed with the staff to allow his nephew Brian's program to air as a Real Science Radio show. Brian makes the case better than Bob could that BEL and RSR are in desperate need of your help. So if you possibly can, please help us reach our Telethon goal of $50,000 to keep Bob Enyart Live and RSR on the air for another year proclaiming the truth of God's Word and reaching the lost with the Good News! Please consider a BEL subscription, a donation, or a purchase from our KGOV Store science department