World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob Pt. 1

This program is an important rerun from 2007, lest we forget.

* Christian Journalist Won't Admit: pro-life journalist Lynn Vincent won't admit that:
1. the Gonzales v. Carhart ruling suggests that abortionists "may find different and less shocking methods to abort the fetus," even though she and Bob were reading those words directly from the ruling itself (p. 30);
2. a ruling that authorizes the killing of an innocent person is a bad ruling;
3. the PBA ruling in explicitly stating "the fetus that may become a child," is showing its preference of the term fetus (although not addressed on this particular BEL program, the justices will repress any argument for the personhood of the child, and this phrase helps to that wicked end);
4. that she mischaracterized the brutally-wicked PBA ruling by asking if it were an "early mother's day present" for the "unborn" (even though the ruling affirms, "....the removal of a small portion [such as "say, an arm or leg"] of the fetus is not prohibited" (p. 22).
Lynn Vincent's false Jayson-Blair report on the PBA ruling remains one of the poor examples of journalism that has kept Christians in the dark about what this ruling actually does. We're repeating this item from yesterday's show summary as an example of how egregiously misinformed the Christian media (and thus, World Magazines readers are), about the tragic PBA ban and ruling:

* American Family Association News: reports today that " Colorado Right to Life, which is based in Denver, issued an open letter to Dobson, criticizing him for praising a ruling that it says will not save the life of a single unborn child because it does not stop abortionists from killing the child at other stages of development." This AFA journalist got this terribly wrong. Like most pro-life media outlets, even now, two months after the ruling, AFA's reporter still doesn't know what the U.S. Supreme Court PBA ruling prohibits. He clearly implies, and of course incorrectly, that Gonzales v. Carhart prohibits abortions at certain "stages of development."

* Please email : publisher Joel Belz and ask him to please print a retraction of the Lynn Vincent's entire inaccurate and terribly misleading article.

Instructions: If you'd like to do this, you can email this entire show summary (including this link:; just highlight the text on the page with your mouse, copy [Ctrl-C], and then paste [Ctrl-P] into the body of your own email, and then copy and paste all the email IDs below into the To: field of your message. Thank you! If World prints a retraction, we will remove this request from our archives, so if you are reading this, that means they have still not corrected the record.,,

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