#1208, No Sales Tax, NAZI = Leftwing, A WhatsApp Fingerprint

Bob Enyart completes his list of ten arguments against a sales tax. He also laments Reason #1,208 which happened at Denver East High School, for getting your kids out of public school. Then Bob celebrates the drug dealer identified by his fingerprint visible on WhatsApp as he was holding illicit drugs. Bob then accepts the clarification of a Canadian listener that it's their liberal party that wants to legalize heroin there, and he's thankful that the Weinstein sex scandal is protecting women from the "comics" who have historically sexually degraded them. And finally, Bob is glad to learn of at least one other person in the world, the British singer Morrissey, who knows that the NAZIs were leftwingers, as he said, "the modern Loony Left seem to forget that Hitler was left wing!"