Piling on the Pope Pt. 2

Vaticans former top diplomat: Pope Francis helped covered up sexual abuse at the highest levels. Pennsylvannia's attorney general: Church archives prove that the Vatican knew and even covered up priests sexually abusing children. Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland stated about the former Vatican Ambassador Carlo Vigano's accusations against the Pope, “as your shepherd I find them to be credible.” The US Conf. of Catholic Bishops admitted the "culture of silence" around sexual abuse of children that reached to the "highest level of the heirarchy", and of course, that means, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, and the Vatican. Expect Pope Francis to resign. He'd be the second in a row. Francis replaced Benedict who resigned after the VatiLeaks homosexual and power struggle scandal erupted. In the 2,000 years before that only five previous popes had resigned. Also, expect an intensifying call to end the celibacy requirement, as even Rush Limbaugh called for yesterday, and expect the support for homosexuals to soften the calls for the Pope's #MeToo resignation. See also kgov.com/pope-list.