Hear an Oklahoma Pro-life Politician Repent

Bob Enyart opens with two science news items. First, Bob promo'd an upcoming RSR show on Hawaii's volcanic eruption that will quote extensively from respected geology texts to disprove the claim that the island chain was formed by a "hotspot" from a magma plume bubbling up from the Earth's outer core. Secondly, the "discovery" that Pluto is basically a super-large comet is something that has been taught for years by RSR's favorite creation scientist Dr. Walt Brown. That's why we planted yet another old wooden sign scrawled with "Walt Brown Was Here" on Pluto! Then, BEL airs the audio from former Oklahoma senator Randy Brogdon repenting for the "pro-life" abortion bill that he introduced and had passed into law, by which, one baby is dismembered in his state every half hour, day by day, week by week, year in and year out, so that now, thousands of children have been killed in compliance with his well-intentioned but immoral legislation. Hear also former congressman Bob Dornan endorse a Christian political strategy documentary produced here at Bob Enyart Live.