Bob's teacher Chuck Missler is now with the Lord

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After Reason #1,209 to get your kids out of public school (where there's lousy math and reading proficiency) and after talking about the Muslim man who called yesterday's studio guest Ken Scott, then Bob Enyart reports on the passing of Chuck Missler and reminisces about attending Chuck's Monday night Bible class in Costa Mesa, California. These studies built upon what Bob learned at Nyack College in New York.

Note: The beautiful campus of Nyack Bible College is located in Nyack Village just above the Hudson River and close to the Tappan Zee Bridge. (That bridge has been rebuilt and in 2017 renamed to the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge which, normally would be insulting, naming such an important structure after an immoral politician, but considering that the bureacrats built the bridge across not the narrowest but across one of the widest sections of the Hudson, making the bridge over 3 miles long, the name is appropriate.)