Feel like cake?

Homosexuals are angry, wrongly so. Christians are happy, wrongly so. Earlier this year Bob Enyart met with Jack Phillips to discuss the narrow defense his lawyers are using which will further hurt homosexuals and stab the church in the back. For 3,500 years, Judeo-Christian legal history has held homosexuality to be not only immoral but also illegal. Now, Christian leaders (as affirmed by Jack's attorneys) have rejected the teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Paul and instead have sided with Hillary, Hollywood, the humanists, and homosexuals, in legitimizing homosexuality itself. (That is, declaring it legally valid.) They argue only that an artist should not be compelled to create art against his conscience. But then that leaves millions of the rest of us at the mercy of the demands of homosexuals that we provide them goods and services to enable their homosexual lifestyle, or else. However, many of us love our homosexual neighbors enough to warn them of their rebellion against Jesus Christ, who taught us that God made us male and female. And we love them enough to urge them to ask God to forgive them for their homosexual desires. As Jesus said, you don't have to actually commit a sexual sin to be guilty of that sin. The man who commits adultery in his heart is sinning. The man who covets, that is, desires to take something that he cannot rightfully have, is sinning. The man who covets another man is sinning. And many of us love homosexuals enough to admit being disgusted by their sin, and to refuse to enable them in their self-deception and self-destruction. See more at kgov.com/homosexuals.