Hawaii's Kilauea Volcanic Eruption, Uniformitarianism & the Young Earth

Hawaii's 2018 eruption affecting the Big Island's population* Hotspot Hypothesis: If you're interested mostly in learning about the widely-discredited "hotspot" hypothesis on the origin of chains of volcanoes, go directly to Part 2 of this series on Kilauea and Hawaii's volcanoes. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the opening of this 3-part series.

* Hawaii's Kilauea Eruption & Uniformitarianism: With the Big Island's current volcanic eruption as the backdrop, Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams provide counter examples to dispute the claimed uniformitarianism that leads old-earth geologists to the "hotspot" hypothesis for how the Hawaiian Islands formed.

* Of Chief Ranger Fame: It turns out that Mark Tanaka-Sanders is shocked to hear the guys so openly disagree with the government's explanation of such things. Mark, of Chief Ranger fame, from Hawaii's volcanic Haleakala National Park, was instrumental in removing Yellowstone's false exhibit about petrified tree.