Saturday Colo RTL's March for Abolition 10 a.m. at Planned Parenthood

Bob Enyart interviews Matt Wiersema who was threatened with legal action if he didn't leave Calvary Church of Naperville, Illinois. Not surprisingly, is a typical "don't judge" and "forgive everyone" congregation. Matt's goal was to urge Calvary to try to stop those in their own community who kill innocent children. Bob describes God's command in Deuteronomy 21 to "measure the distance" from an unsolved murder to the nearest community which God then holds accountable for the shedding of that innocent blood unless they can tell Him that they did not know that this murder was taking place. (See Calvary Church knows of the hundreds of children being dismembered nearby yet prides itself on being visibly absent from the fight at the killing center. In a related story, Bob invites folks to attend Colorado Right To Life's March for Abolition this Saturday at 10 a.m. across the street from Denver's Planned Parenthood.