Meteorites with diamonds in them had to come from...

Case of Walt Brown's In the Beginning, 8 books for $100* Another WWB Discovery: RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss yet another WWB discovery, diamonds in meteorite fragments! While dismissing the popular notion of a large exploded planet to explain these diamonds (not enough solar system debris; gravity likes to keep planets together; Genesis reports a catastrophic event on Earth and not elsewhere), the guys explain how the fountains of the great deep launching debris into space beat up the moon and the rocky planets, explains meteoroids, populated the asteroid belt, and formed the comets and the TNOs. To understand all this better Bob and Fred recommend watching RSR's Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory video (or buying one to share) and reading Walt Brown's In the Beginning!

* ITB Officially Out of Print! Cases of Walt's book are no longer available. (Previously, we sold a case of eight as Christmas gifts for only $100 a case and that included shipping!) As of December 2019, In the Beginning is officially out of print. eBay and other sources for out-of-print books has ITB available for $100 to $200 a copy. So here at RSR we've been working to acquire every copy we can get our hands on. So we're now selling the copies we've obtained from RSR supporters for $100 each, so that the remaining copies 1) get into the hands of people who most want them and 2) help to support our radio and podcast effort so that we can continue reaching more and more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as He founded it, upon the Genesis creation account!

* And More New Stuff: The guys also report on a newly discovered DNA structure and a newly discovered human organ!