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* Tired of Re-writing Already: Bob Enyart tells his Real Science Radio co-host Fred Williams that he's just too tired of the constant "rewriting human history" discoveries, hitting almost monthly, one after another that falsify the secular canonical story. So find those of just the last year listed at (and just below).

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Skull found in China AGAIN rewriting history of human evolution...* Every Discovery Lately Rewrites Human History: As we report at, rather than being confirmed, the theory of evolution is being relentlessly squeezed. Consider then, just regarding human history, the following discoveries from about a 12-month period beginning in 2017 which squeeze (and some even falsify) Darwinism and particularly, the Out-of-Africa model:
- find two teeth and rewrite human history with allegedly 9.7 million-year-old teeth found in northern Europe
- get mummy DNA and rewrite human history with a thousand years of ancient Egyptian mummy DNA
- find a few footprints and rewrite human history with allegedly 5.7 million-year-old human footprints in Crete
- re-date an old skull and rewrite human history with a very human skull dated at 325,000 years old and redated in the Journal of Physical Anthropology at about 260,000 years old and described in the UK's Independent, "A skull found in China [40 years ago] could re-write our entire understanding of human evolution."
- sequence a baby's genome and rewrite human history with a 6-week old girl buried in Alaska allegedly 11,500 years ago challenging the established history of the New World
- or was that 130,000? years ago as the journal Nature rewrites human history with a wild date for New World site
- and find a jawbone and rewrite human history with a modern looking yet allegedly 180,000-year-old jawbone from Israel which "may rewrite the early migration story of our species" by about 100,000 years, per the journal Science
- re-date a primate and lose yet another "missing link" between "Lucy" and humans, as Homo naledi sheds a couple million years off its age and drops from supposedly two million years old to (still allegedly) about 250,000 years old, far too "young" to be the allegedly missing link
- re-analysis of the "best candidate" for the most recent ancestor to human beings, Australopthecus sediba, turns out to be a juvenile Lucy-like ape, as Science magazine reports work presented at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2017 annual meeting
- find skulls in Morocco and "rewrite human history" admits the journal Nature, falsifying also the "east Africa" part of the canonical story 
- And even this from Science: "humans mastered the art of training and controlling dogs thousands of years earlier than previously thought." 

* Also Squeezing Darwin's Theory:
- Evolution happens so slowly that we can't see it, yet
- Evolution happens so fast that millions of mutations propagate in a few million years
- Observing a million species annually should show us a million years of evolution, but it doesn't, yet
- Evolution happens so fast that the billions of "intermediary" fossils are missing
- Fossils of modern organisms are found "earlier" and "earlier" in the geologic column
- The "oldest" organisms are increasingly found to have cellular and genetic sophistication
- Small populations are in danger of extinction (yet they're needed to fix mutations)
- Large populations make it impossible for a mutation to become standard
- To evolve flight, you'd get bad legs
- Long before you'd get good wings.
AND (as in the New Scientist cover story, "Darwin Was Wrong about the tree of life", etc.):
- DNA sequences have contradicted anatomy-based ancestry claims
- Fossil-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by RNA claims
- DNA-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by anatomy claims
- Protein-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by fossil claims.
- Etc.