Doctors tell Healey he has two months left; So Tom tells us...

Tom Healey at Mesa Verde Nat'l Park, Colorado. Photo by his wife Madelyn
At Mesa Verde Nat'l Park

(Tom, 83, passed away March 6, 2019. Other health problems disqualified Tom from being accepted into the latest targeted antibodies trial, but he did receive one treatment from an earlier, decade-old antibodies drug after which his body did start again producing blood cells. Too little too late though, yet Tom is now with the Lord!)

Bob Enyart interviews a former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant who would listen in to the Russians, was stationed in Vietnam, in Tripoli, at the Pentagon, and protected America's nuclear weapons. Longtime BEL friend Tom Healey, given two months to live by his oncologist, shares what is most important to him, even right now: his passion to promote apologetics, to expose Calvinism, and to share salvation through Jesus Christ with everyone from strangers to loved ones. (See also

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