Stigler's Law Aside, Shouldn't Darwinism Be Wallacism? Pt 2

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Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart concludes his discussion with Prof. Flannery about the intelligent design scientist who scooped Darwin on Darwinism. Michael Flannery's book Nature's Prophet discusses the paper that Alfred Russel Wallace mailed to Charles Darwin that panicked the materialist into rushing to publish so that he could claim preeminince for Wallace's discovery of evolution by natural selection. Yet while acknowledged, the scientific community downplays Wallace' role, primarily because he persistently advocated intelligent design. (Methodological naturalism requires adherence especially if that means getting the biggest questions completely wrong. See that at Of Wallace's dozens of books and approximately 500 articles and sceintific papers, Enyart and Flannery discuss his 1864 and 1869 papers which appaled Darwin especially because Wallace even won over Darwin's own mentor, geologist Charles Lyell. The guys also mention the founding of the journal Nature as a promotional outlet for Darwinism. Then, Nature's decades-long editorial policy prohibited articles on genetics because of the obvious conflict between Gregor Mendel's discovery that species possessed genetic variability but only within strict limits, challenging the wild demands that Origin of the Species placed on organisms. See more at and

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