"It's Your Time." Tom Healey says "No!" Er, "Yes." But then, "No!"

HPT Conference 2023

Coming soon! 2023 (Sept. 21-23) Hydroplate Conference

Mid Atlantic Ridge forming

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  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?


Bob Enyart interviews a former U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant who would listen in to the Russians, was stationed in Vietnam, in Tripoli, at the Pentagon, and protected America's nuclear weapons. Longtime BEL friend Tom Healey, given two months to live by his oncologist, discusses what so many Christians have been seduced into believing, that God has a book that contains the days of our lives. Find out what God really said (hint: it was about fetology) in Psalm 139, Isaiah 16, and Jeremiah 1. (See also kgov.com/healeykgov.com/healey-2-on-miracles, and kgov.com/apologetics.)