Friday’s RMCF Speaker Dave Nutting on Costa Rica’s Design Evidence

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* Special Edition of Real Science Radio: Bob Enyart interviews geologist and mathematician Dave Nutting of the Alpha Omega Institute who will speak this Friday evening, Sept. 14, at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (1400 W Caley Ave, Littleton) and for three days next weekend at Mesa Hills Bible Church (615 W Uintah, Colorado Springs). The RMCF talk, great for kids and adults, will present the tremendous biodiversity and evidence for design in Costa Rica including the plumage of the scarlet macaw, the bill of the tucson, the brilliance of the hummingbird, the “Jesus” lizard, the way that crocodiles eliminate salt (as do some birds and even trees), and creatures which farm and use tools to fish! Next weekend’s creation seminar includes wonderful special events like afternoon field trips including to see the geology on the beautiful grounds of the Navigators’ Glen Eyrie Castle! Please RSVP directly at Mesa Hill's website for that seminar, whether for the children’s program or the adult program or for a particular field trip!

* Rare Video of Henry Morris Recognizing Dave Nutting: See Henry Morris recognizing Ken Ham, Dave and Mary Jo's organization, and Dr. Walt Brown as all making significant national and of course international contributions to the creation movement...

* Passing the Torch: As mentioned on air in 2016 with Dave visiting our studio he was the last of a triad of creation leaders to appear on Real Science Radio! For as captured in our own Global Flood video (embedded just above), the late Dr. Henry Morris, father of the modern creation movement, while "passing the torch" during a California conference with Duane Gish, Chuck Smith, and Timothy LaHaye, listed three examples of the fabulous growth of the biblical creation movement: Ken Ham, Walt Brown, and Dave and Mary Jo Nutting. Ken Ham, of Kentucky, and Walt Brown, of Arizona, had both previously been in studio with us here in Colorado.

* Bob's Correction re: Ingraham: Today's broadcast begins with a correction about the Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham who has mentioned a family member's homosexuality as a factor in her own (unfortunate) weakening opposition to sexual immorality. On our Aug. 28, 2018 broadcast, Bob misstated that family member as a child, whereas it was her brother.

* Check Out Dave's 2016 RSR Interviews: On June 20 and Nov. 11. And see Bob's talk in Malibu, California challenging the administration and faculty from the very campus of Pepperdine University...