Dolan, Flowers, Minutes, Clinton, Trump

* Trump's Prostitute: Bob Enyart reports the news, Gospel-style, regarding last night’s 60 Minutes report on Donald Trump’s prostitute and compares conservative Christian reaction to what it was regarding Bill Clinton’s adultery with Gennifer Flowers. Consider also that a "porn star" is a prostitute. In quid pro quo, twice, Trump dangled being a contestant on his TV program, The Apprentice, for sex. And afterward, his lawyer paid her $130,000.

* Dolan, Child Molestation, Canada, Blindness, and Pot Smoke:
- Bob discusses the gall of New York’s Roman Catholic leader Cardinal Timothy Dolan who opposes an important law that would extend the time in which those alleging child abuse could take legal action.
- Canada’s instructions to government bureaucrats against using bigoted terms like “mother” and “father” may soon be "clarified".
- Harvesting baby body parts to cure blindness (or even the whole world of cancer) is immoral, as is consenting to (i.e., regulating, re-authorizing) the killing of one innocent child to save others, even if it would end all abortion. (Trivia Question: Which political party first authorized the use of tax dollars to pay for embryonic stem cell research?)
- A scientific study of second-hand marijuana smoke concludes that it is more dangerous than second-hand cigarette smoke.