The #1 Best Election Show in America

* Tear Through that Ballot: Tune in to hear Bob and co-host Doug McBurney review the Colorado ballot with their predictions on how members of the "brightest audience in the country" voted in Colorado. And they give advice on voting, not voting, and how to solve the whole “money in politics” problem. (Post-show update: Only half of Americans have faith in democracy, with some of the credit for that undoubtedly going to!)

* Dawn Lemon Racist: When CNN host Don Lemon called white men the biggest terrorist threat in the country he revealed himself as a racist, (in addition to being a homosexual).

* Jared Polis is Disgusting: Hear the only voices in the media not afraid to state publicly that they will not be voting for Jared Polis because he is a homosexual.

* Death to Louis Farrakhan’s Visa: Bob Enyart Live issues a formal request that President Trump prevent Louis Farrakhan from returning to America from Iran, where he led the obligatory “Death to America” chant.