Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin Pt. 3

In this third episode of this series on volcanism and Hawaii's origin, Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present five arguments against the hotspot hypothesis. For example, "hotspot" island chains like in Hawaii and the Bermuda Rise have associated volcano chains at large angles and even almost perpendicular to the claimed movement of the plates. This series begins at and the hotshot rebuttal begins lat week at Our understanding of volcanism was affirmed in that first episode in studio by long-time national park chief ranger Mark Tanaka-Sanders from Hawaii's volcanic Haleakala NP!

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                 I really enjoyed your set of programs on the Hawaii hotspots. You presented a lot of great information against the hotspot story... I have read Dr. Walt Brown's book from cover to cover and looked at parts of it many times. His theory certainly makes the most sense to me. I remember watching Baumgartner present CPT and all the twisting he had to do to try to make it fit the Biblical account. Thanks for all you do!
Frank M... MD
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Frank, what an honor to hear from you. Thanks for your encouragement and assessment of HPT vs CPT....
Bob E.
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Thank you for the detailed reply. I do some teaching on Creation and have used and recommended your material many times. I tell people that your show is the best science show on Creation (actually just the best science show) out there. I have been down the Grand Canyon 5 times and am fairly good friends with Steve Austin, but I disagree with him totally over his opposition to the Hydroplate Theory. Your program on the Grand Canyon with Bryan Nickel was excellent and I learned a great deal of new information. Thank you so much for doing that show.

If you ever come to Alaska, let me know. We have extra beds and would love to have you stay with us.

Here is a web site where you can see pictures of where we live [...].

God bless you!

Frank M...