An Unfair Share of Abuse

* A Cheap Suitcase! That’s your hosts prediction of how fast Jeff Flake and the 3 or 4 other froth-at-the-mouth pro-abort Senators will fold up when it comes to standing up to the shrill, post-abortive, histrionics employed against them by employees of George Soros, and other evil people (who are almost as evil as those Senators themselves).

* Travel Safe! …not if the terrorists have anything to say about it! Tune in and hear Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reveal the diabolical schemesof the terrorists to put Plague infected passengers on planes!

* Pornographer Take Down: The FBI recently captured and charged a child pornographer after making him unlock his iPhone with his face. Listen in as your host voices his support for the cops, (and suggests other creative things that could be done with and to his face…)

* What to do About That Abortion Bill: …most Democrats respond, “just pay it!”. But in this case it was a bill to make the abortion pill RU486 available on all University of California campuses, and Governor Jerry Brown VETOED it! Find out why your host thinks Governor Brown did the right thing.

* …it all Depends on What Your Definition of “Abuse” is: Or in this case, it all depends on the credentials of the “alleged” abuser, (if there is such a thing anymore). Because when it’s the pro-abort, pro-homosexual, fornicating Moslem head of the DNC, running for high office in Minnesota, an allegation is just that! In fact it’s even less than that!