MTV & Pratt; MeToo & Paige; Rush & Plan B

Bob Enyart talks about the #MeToo Movement properly bringing down the Southern Baptist's beloved Paige Patterson for trying to get a student to forgive her rapist rather than fighting to get him prosecuted (see also And Rush Limbaugh described today the "Morning After Pill" as the Plan B Abortion Kit (see also, and explained the expectation of rape that causes adults to provide these to "unaccompanied minors" traveling north to our southern border. Then we listen to audio from Monday’s MTV awards ceremony when megastar actor Chris Pratt (Jurassic World and The Avengers) told these young skulls full of mush, You have a soul; take care of it; God is real; God wants the best for you; believe that, I do; learn to pray, it’s easy; and it’s good for your soul; you’re not perfect (in fact, you're a sinner); and that like our freedom, your opportunity to live well was paid for by Somebody else’s blood (i.e., by Christ's crucifixion).

* Want to Go from Earthly to Heavenly Truth? :) Here's RSR's latest science video:

* Showing His Sensitivity Bob Enyart Asks
Q: What happens when the smartest 20-something has a birthday and joins the 30-somethings?
A: He lowers the average IQ of both groups.