Alveda King on BEL on Roe V. Wade (The Movie)

Show Update: Bob mailed to Alveda a DVD of his friend's film, Alleged,
and a DVD of his documentary Focus on the Strategy 2.

Hollywood, no surprise, is currently producing yet another pro-abortion movie but thankfully there’s a film that’s about to go into production called "Roe v. Wade" that will tell the real story of how people lied, the media lied, and the courts lied, to issue an opinion that has since killed 60 million Americans. This film dramatizes America’s most famous court case and the events and people surrounding it, from Norma McCorvey, who we’ve interviewed, who was "Roe", to Planned Parenthood’s racist founder Margaret Sanger, to abortionist Bernard Nathanson. The film, going into production in June, stars Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin, and Stacey Dash and has a cameo from Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who is also one of the Executive Producers. Some of the co-producers are known to our audience, Rebecca Kiessling, and Walter Hoye. And what an honor to speak on today's program with Alveda King herself! To help fund the show go to and check out the perks for donors at the Roe v. Wade project at (Also, just as we were harassed by, so was Alveda! And please consider "liking" Alveda's Facebook post on this interview.)