Probable Cause: Search James Gunn’s Home

* Hollywood Pedophilia: One of the most bankable writers/directors in Hollywood has been fired by Disney for joking about pedophilia. We assume he grew up watching Disney.


* As Documented At:

Walt Disney Studios giving a platform to a convicted child molster to direct "Powder", Victor Salva's (essentially autobiographical) film that argues that people (like him) are hated just because they are different. (The main character gets beat up just after a scene at a boys' locker room shower.) With Disney on his resume and still at it 22 years later, molester Salva has gone on to direct his own franchise with his latest film released in 2017 after removing a scene that disgusted even Hollywood film reviewers for its justification, "Can you blame him?" of an adult wanting to have sex with a 13 year old child. Then in 2018 Disney's effort to mainstream a child molester has come home to roost as they fire James Gunn, their billion-dollar Guardians director,  for his earlier "joking" tweets about sex with children, the kinds of things that Salva actually videotaped himself doing, over a period of six years, to real life children.


* Disney’s Support for Child Molester Comes Home to Roost: In reading the disgusting posts by Hollywood Director James Gunn Bob is reminded of his rebuke of Disney’s favorite child molester Victor Salva, (who’s still busy promoting pedophilia).

* Another Christian Goes Gay: Former “Pro-Life” leader Rob Schenk affirms homosexuality and child killing in his new book (written after he partnered with Disney on gun control).