Which Talk Hosts Know Why Sales Tax Is Immoral?

While the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments about Internet sales tax today, Bob Enyart raises the greater question: Do you know why sales tax is immoral? Bob laments cheating, so to speak, in so many of his debates, including in those at kgov.com/debates against the National Sales Tax leaders Ken Hoagland and Neil Bortz. Like having the answer sheets to all exams, having a biblical worldview is like cheating when debating libertarians, conservatives, and others, because you know the answer in advance and so typically, the debate is a slaughter. In this case, both Hoagland and Bortz agreed, to their credit, with various arguments Bob offered against their own position, including that the government has no right to force a businessman to collect taxes. Debate over. Next topic. (Other topics include the liberal anti-life Trump justice Neal Gorsuch already letting down his backers; the woman partially sucked out of a Southwest Airlines jet; and the media report of Colorado Right To Life describing Republican governor's candidate Cynthia Coffman as willing to have thousands of people "slaughtered on her watch" because of "the blackness in her heart."