Ohio Science Teacher Mr. Rudder Now Standing Before God

Bob Enyart begins with the bad business plan of the $11 billion retailer Toys R Us donating to pro-abortion groups and then, without enough kids buying their toys, going out of business. Then Bob describes the consumers who cheer Donald Trump tariffs while forgetting that they're the ones paying for them. And finally BEL heads down memory lane. 1) Bob's fear of the classic rubber ducky [if you have a strong stomach see this 2018 biofilm scientific study] is vindicated. 2) As Al Gore was inventing the Internet Bob was inventing Christian rock. 3) Even the blasphemous aspects of Jesus Christ Superstar did not prevent the Holy Spirit from using that musical to reach Bob with the Gospel. And 4) we air 1994 audio from the amateur skit about Bob's wife Cheryl's high school science teacher, Mr. Rudder, who in real life, sadly, has just passed away. The skit covers a few minutes of Mr. Rudder's experience on Judgment Day.