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Have you looked at In Bob Enyart's interview with Regina, the now-single homeschooling mom said she's, "traded financial security for the emotional and spiritual well-being of my five children" and she has rejected the (bad) advice from others to put the kids into public school. If your heart was touched by Regina's courage and challenge, she is still in financial need so please consider giving via her homeschooling-mother link! Bob opened today's program with audio from his appearance last night on Denver's 7News and with our which has raised $10,561 of our $275,000 goal with 35 days left! (We're NOT asking our friends for large contributions but for you to consider making a $5 to $10 donation to increase the number of donors and their geographical distribution, both of which will help this project become more visible to reach many people. It would take you about two minutes. Could you help?) Hear also Bob's appearance last night on Denver's 7News about the murdered unborn child from Frederick for whom the courts are denying justice.