Prizes, Politicians & Public Relations

* Democrats Doubt Woman: That is, when the woman is accusing a pro-abort, pro-homosexual, socialistMoslem like Keith Ellison of abuse. Find out why it is that even the local police refuse to investigate.

* Robot Goes to Work for Walt Brown: Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney reports on the robot named MASCOT that the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) was kind enough to land upon the asteroid Ryugu in preparation for Walt Brown’s 9th edition of In the Beginning.

“Cleaning Up” Crime: In Nevada where prostitution is legal, the whorehouses are filled with criminal activity like slavery and illegal immigration. Find out why we’re not surprised.

* Cleaning up the Nobel Prize: This year’s Nobel Peace Prize went to two people who actually accomplished something for peace! ChristianSurgeon Denis Mukwege, and Yazidi survivor and activist Nadia Murad.

* Tarnishing the Nobel Prize: CNN, in league with atheists at the Royal Swedish Academy published a thinly veiled P.R. piece for Charles Darwin’s threadbare tale of undirected natural selection in which they described the obvious intelligent design of chemistry experiments and applications as “Darwin in the test tube”.

* Feminizing the Nobel Prize: And CNN just couldn’t help themselves from headlining the not so uncommon female sex of physicist Donna Strickland who shared the prize in Physics this year with Physicist Arthur Ashkin, (a boy).

If it Weren’t for Bad Luck: Residents of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi were visited by the unwelcome volcanic eruption of Mount Soputan, just days after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake unleashed a 20-foot Tsunami upon them!

See, the System Works: Death Row inmate Luis Rodriguez killed fellow Death Row inmate Jonathan Fajardo in an apparent attempt to see that the will of the California voters (to speed up capital punishment in Prop. 66) be done!