Conservatives siding with Hillary, Harvey, Hollywood, Humanists, and Homos

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Unintentionally, this is Homosexuality Week here on BEL. But fittingly, in October we're headed for our Bible Tour of Italy. "When in Rome, Do Romans!" In chapter one of Paul's Epistle to the Romans, he utterly condemns both male and female homosexual behavior. Today Bob lets you hear ten seconds of a pro-homosexual saying, "Hail Sodomy or death camps for you all." Then he talks briefly about:
- the fall of the Roman Empire
- the AP Style Guide rejecting the term "opposite sex"
- the over-representation of homosexuals among
- that homosexual activists like Wayne Besen deny even the possibility of homosexual child molestation (like with NAMBLA)
- that such activists deny the extreme health risks of
- denied the difference between lesbian "lifestyle choice" and homosexuals being "born that way", and
- they even deny the widespread tolerance and even promotion of by leading homosexuals and homosexual organizations like Out and The Advocate magazines, NYC's homosexual Harvey Milk High School,, and Boston's Alyson Press, publishers of kids books Daddy's Roommate, Heather's Mommies, and Paedophilia: The Radical Case, with 300 pages of why and how to have sex with even preteen boys. (Besen, the Queen of Denial, denied all this.)