Parents Starve 4-year-old Dylan to Death

It took 24 days before Dylan Walborn succumbed to starvation, his only crime being that he had cerebral palsy. Those who supported starving Dylan to death included: Denver's Children's Hospital, Porter Hospice, his public school teachers; a Social Worker, the Denver Post, and family and friends.  Bob has created a website,, as a memorial to Dylan, with an account of the tragic excuses made for killing him, and a plain presentation of God's law against killing the innocent, by which it is morally acceptable to let dying people die, but it is not okay to kill them, whether by starvation, lethal injection, intentional over-medication, or any other means.

Note: After talking with Victory Church and Pastor Buddy Conn, I have become convinced that Kevin Simpson of the Denver Post wrongly portrayed Pastor Buddy Conn as supporting the starvation of Dylan.  Victory Church Pastor Michael Ware has committed to making a public statement to correct the matter. Please see for more information.