States Rights: Not Principled but Can Be Opportunistic

T-mobile teaches their employees to lie and steal from their customersPost-show update: Bob comments to a TripAdvisor user lamenting that they robbed him too!

On today's program, after railing about T-mobile robbing even their best customers, Bob Enyart mentions today's three news stories that build on yesterday's discussion of a possible civil war. First, Rasmussen reports that a third of America expects a civil war soon with fewer thinking it's completely unlikely. Second, sixty percent of America believes that leftists will increasingly resort to violence (shootings, arson, bombings). Third, the Planned Parenthood volunteer arrested for threatening to kill a congressman's children reminds Bob of Denver's own Then Bob discusses the secondary nature of states rights as compared to God's eternal principles and the greater matters of a Christian biblical worldview. For more, see Bob's article at