Pop's $454,000 Hospital Bill for His 1.5 Day Stay


Al Sharin, our very own Pops, went to be with the Lord in February. Bob discusses Pops' $454,000 hospital bill for his one and a half day stay and aneurysm operation. How do you decide whether or not to get an operation when you're told that "it's free" because of your health insurance, whether government or otherwise? Find out how the Enyarts made the decision, ultimately fruitless, to have Pops operated on that night. Bob also discusses the monthly Obamacare premium for one of his past guests. This guy's family health insurance premium had been $600 a month. Then Obamacare hit. He didn't want Obamacare, but was told that he could only purchase health insurace through his state's "exchange", i.e., through Obamacare. The premium jumped a couple hundred dollars but his own portion of that (you, the taxpayer, pay the balance) was only about $400 a month. The family, not being socialists, were actually unhappy that the cost dropped and that their neighborss had to pay the rest. Then the monthly premium went up to $1800, and his family's share fell to $250. Wow, what a deal. Now, he was just informed that their 2019 premium is $2,100 a month, but their share dropped again, inexplicably, to $68. (Don't worry about whether the credits and debits match: you're footing the bill.) Finally, thanks to a Wisconsin listener commenting on BEL making fun of flat-earthers this week, Bob realized that the only thing to sphere is sphere itself. (And remember when told, "The only thing to fear is fear itself", Buddy Sorrell replied, "That's what I'm afraid of.") Finally, from kgov.com/definitions Bob shared an Obamacare example for the word "unconstitutional".