RSR's Science News Headlines and a Bit More

* The Science on Today's Broadcast: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart presents current headlines and then science news from the latest Creation magazine. Human languages are not advancing but are being dumbed down. So how did they get so complex and sophisticated to begin with? Remember, Darwinians have falsified the Darwinian predictions about the evolution of language! Then Bob describes the dilemma that both evolutionists and non-hydroplate creationists have explaining the presence of diamonds in meteorites!

* Current Events: Then Bob discusses the latest well-earned trophies of the #MeToo movement and how that movement is a godsend as it points people (unintentionally) toward the Christian worldview and makes it more obvious that it is impossible for Hollywood to respect women (or men) while trafficking in human sexual behavior. Finally, Bob rips the Pope. See for why.

* RSR's Multiple Creation Site Search: Have you used our powerful and time-saving new Google-based search tool? Try RSR's Multiple Creation Site Search! We LOVE using this brand new tool, and it's already saved us hours of work finding the answers to our science and origins questions! (If you're ever looking for this link, we keep it handy, atop

* Rare Video of Henry Morris Recognizing Dave Nutting: Tonight, Dave Nutting is speaking in Denver at the RMCF meetingSee Henry Morris recognizing Ken Ham, Dave and Mary Jo's organization, and Dr. Walt Brown as all making significant national and of course international contributions to the creation movement...