Trump's Secretary Acosta Gave Pedophile Epstein Ultimate Deal

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Bob Enyart shares the Miami Herald's investigative reporting on millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and, tragically, the unprecedented anonymous impunity given by Alexander Acosta to Epstein's powerful friends from any related federal prosecution. (And even if this deal was struck because this aggressive sexual predator was involved in spying for the CIA, or whomever, Acosta should have resigned rather than be the one who let this pedophile walk.)

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July 2019 Update: Epstein's sealed court documents are set to be released and he has been re-arrested. Why this development a decade later? Because hurting Trump trumps protecting the Clintons. Bill and Hillary are damaged goods, and this absurdly wicked cover-up plea deal in 2008 was designed to protect Hillary's ambitions and many other powerful people, possibly including Donald Trump. But now that nobody cares about Bill Clinton anymore, and Hillary is blamed for Trump getting elected, they both can be thrown under the bus, if need be, in an effort to get at Trump, and the people around him. Afterall, in presidential politics, bringing down a cabinet member is second only to impeachment. Epstein trafficked underage girls by private jet from New York to Florida and on his Lolita Express to his pervert private island in the Caribbean which Bill Clinton flew to multiple times. Those around Trump include, well, Trump himself, who hung out with Epstein and knew of his preference for especially young women. Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta gave the bizarre and wicked cover-up deal to Epstein and immunized him and his many powerful apparent accomplices from federal charges. Another high-profile Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz, has been accused of a vile crime and he's been fighting for the public release of Epstein's sealed court records claiming they will vindicate him from the accusations. But now that they're being released, BEL's guess is that there will be nothing in there that vindicates him. Rather, he was fighting for release because any other course of action makes him look guilty as sin. Perhaps now we know why a liberal Harvard law professor has spent the last couple years defending Donald Trump. By the way, our July 2019 show aired right before the confirmation of Bob's Acosta prediction, made in the above 2018 program.